The Story Behind The Name “Verto”

Verto is latin for “to transform”. According to Verto Health’s CEO and Founder Michael Millar, the name represents the ethos of the company, to focus on foundational transformations that will ultimately improve healthcare.

In the more than fifteen years since Michael started working in the healthcare technology space, he found that conventional health technologies tend to be centered around disease management and documentation – with very few that are designed to support prevention and keep people healthy.

It’s with this motivation in mind that Michael founded Verto Health. Michael believed that a simple change to how health data was managed could unlock a new wave of personalized patient journeys and improve quality of life.

This transformed the way we looked at data from the old episodic model that leads to dangerous transitions of care, to a continual patient pathway with an evolving circle of care that is never left behind. We call this our Digital Twin platform and we believe it will redefine what patient-centric care delivery and the exceptional outcomes it drives looks like over the next decade.

November 12, 2021
Ellie Doroshenko
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