Solutions: Population Health Management

Value-based care doesn’t have to be a manual nightmare.

Today, outcome reporting and case management work is full of manual processes that don’t scale and eat into your margins as demands from payers continue to increase. Verto’s technology automates manual processes and gives your organization the tools it needs to go from generating reports to generating results.

Automated Coding & Risk Scoring

Case management work is too manual. The result? Poor operational efficiency and a limited ability to serve more complex, risk-based contracts. Worse still, coding errors can lead to penalties from payers, further eating into your bottom line.

Verto’s technology can help you automate costly, repetitive tasks to help your organization thrive in a value-based environment.

Verto Automates:
  • Risk scoring
  • Clinical coding
  • Report generation

To learn more about how Verto’s Population Health Management solution can save your staff time and improve efficiency, schedule a demo with us today.

Automated Provider Reporting

Providers need access to prompt reporting to support performance management. Any delay makes it difficult to resolve payer problems and patient cohort characteristics in a timely manner.

Verto’s technology automates and streamlines value-based care reporting back to your providers to put them in control of their at-risk revenue.

Verto Enables:
  • Visibility into risk-based revenue
  • Insight into population health metrics
  • Improved transparency for providers

To learn more about how Verto’s Population Health Management solution puts your providers in control of their at-risk revenue, schedule a demo with us today.

Automated Data Consolidation

Disparate and dirty data feeds from primary, acute, and post-acute care make automating the data aggregation process nearly impossible. The only option currently available is to dedicate valuable staff hours to manually gather relevant patient records.

Verto’s technology uses our patented AI algorithm to instantly locate pertinent information to reduce wasted time by more than 80%.

Verto’s Technology:
  • Reduces staff hours needed for data consolidation
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves organizational data quality

To learn more about how Verto’s Population Health Management solution can save you time and improve organizational data quality, schedule a demo with us today.

Digital Twin Population Health Management in Action

Whether you have an existing data lake or are just starting out the process of population health management, Verto’s flexible tools can be tailored to your specific needs.