About Us

The Verto Difference

At Verto Health, we take our name seriously. Derived from the Latin word “verto,” which means “to transform,” our CEO and Founder, Michael Millar, recognized the need for a fundamental shift in the healthcare industry. Too often health systems and healthcare organizations were out of sync, data was out of date, and patients felt lost in the healthcare maze.

A New Era for Healthcare

Most digital health solutions today are focused on addressing health issues once they’ve already arisen, leaving little room for proactive prevention.

Our goal is deceptively simple: by reimagining how health data is managed, we can unlock a new era of personalized patient care and population health management to elevate the quality of life for all.

The Verto Vision: Journey-Based Care

At Verto Health, we’ve turned the traditional model of episodic healthcare on its head. Rather than waiting for health issues to surface, we’ve pioneered a digital twin platform that keeps patients at the center of their care journeys, continually evolving to meet their needs.

This innovative approach ensures that patients are never left behind during transitions of care. By linking patient records together from across the continuum of care using our patented AI algorithms, we can plot their care trajectory against similar patients. This lets us spot key events that may adversely impact outcomes and suggest evidence-based interventions to improve clinical and financial outcomes.    

At Verto our vision is to get every patient to their best possible outcome in every sector of healthcare.

Impact & the Quintuple Aim

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and at Verto, we are dedicated to both when it comes to transforming healthcare. We are also committed to measuring our impact against the Quintuple Aim framework which includes health equity as one of its dimensions.

Our experience deploying our technology during the COVID-19 pandemic showed us how important it is to consider the experiences of individuals from all backgrounds in our implementations.

We are determined to provide health systems with the right information at the right time to make informed decisions to help ensure that everyone is able to achieve their best health outcomes.

Through our technology deployments Verto has:

Helped facilitate more than 10M patients encounters

Saved more than a combined 630 years for patients and caregivers

Reduced unnecessary health system spending by more than $123M

About Verto

Verto was founded in Toronto in 2017 with a mandate to transform healthcare. Since then, we’ve grown our footprint and our headcount but our ethos has stayed the same.

Meet our leadership team

Our team of creators, innovators and disruptors brings proven expertise across digital health transformation, clinical practice, information security best practices and beyond.

Michael Millar
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Michael Anderson
MD, MSc, PhD (c), FRCSC
Chief Medical Officer
Yousaf Cheema
Chief Information Officer
Anna Millar
Chief Financial Officer
Dave Denov
VP, Health System Solutions
Ivana Marzura
BSc, MHA (c)
VP, Product
Kristy Munroe
VP, Clinical Implementations
Hannah Seo
OT Reg. (Ont.), MSc, MBA
VP, Corporate Development & Strategy
Phil Wigmore
VP, Business Development
Mahmoud Halat
Director, Product Innovation
Martin Persaud
Director, AI & Technology Transformation
Adam Rogers-Green
Director, Marketing & Communications