Integrations with Verto Connect

Integrate at warp speed

Verto Connect is the foundation for our digital twin platform. Using our patented AI algorithm, Verto Connect normalizes data across the continuum of care – from legacy on-premise EMRs to modern cloud-based solutions and consumer wearables on a scale of weeks to months, not years. 

Whether your data is structured or unstructured, Verto Connect aggregates all relevant information about a patient including medical history, diagnoses, lab results, and treatment guidelines using existing data feeds. 

Verto doesn’t create a new repository that you have to manage and maintain. Instead Verto powers your organization with X-ray vision for your health data to identify hidden insights and enable meaningful clinical interventions in near real time.

Cost Conscious Connections

Verto Connect dramatically reduces the cost and time for integrations by automating the vast majority of the data mapping process, freeing your valuable health IT resources to be deployed for higher-value activities.

The utility of Verto Connect doesn’t end with the mapping process. Once the systems are integrated, we continue to listen to the data feeds from integrated systems. This lets us update patients’ normalized records so that you can be confident that key clinical information is available to the right members of your organization at the right time.

Once complete, the data assembled by Verto Connect powers workflow automations and population level insights