Delivering a Digital-First Appointment Booking Experience Across Health Units

Health care systems have experienced an unprecedented rate of digital transformation over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients now expect a digital-first experience to access their care needs, and health systems have come to rely on cost-effective health technologies that promote equitable health care access and reduce administrative burden.

At Verto, we’ve invested heavily to optimize our Smart Scheduling solution – the same technology that supported 89+ health systems across North America and nearly 5M COVID-19 vaccination appointments during the pandemic.

As social distancing restrictions ease and the new normal takes hold, we’ve augmented our Smart Scheduling solution with key features to ensure our health system partners can continue to support online appointment booking and deliver the digital-first experience that patients have come to rely on.

Here’s a look at the product’s latest enhancements:

Digital Front Door

Our smart scheduling tool allows users to expose service offerings using digital front doors linked to their websites, while equally supporting tailored outreach strategies with one-time token bookings. Our addition of the digital front door, roster pre-registration and user self-serve functionality have been developed in response to our client’s needs to support a diverse and varied patient engagement strategy related to vaccinations and beyond.

We’ve improved our patient facing experience by offering our health system partners a means to expose all of their clinical services across all of their locations on one easy-to-access webpage. Our digital front door is completely configurable, designed to showcase (or retract) appointment availability in real-time and enable digital booking of all services beyond COVID-19 vaccinations, including flu shots, travel vaccine clinics, prenatal courses, HPV immunizations, and more.

The Digital Front Door interface is complemented with a geographic map to highlight service location, and is filterable by date to find the earliest time appointment time. This uplift of the front-end experience has been designed with patient accessibility and convenience in mind.

Bulk Patient Roster Upload

At Verto, we design technology with the goal of bringing patients, caregivers, and providers closer together. The important addition of a roster pre-registration feature enables our partners to bulk import existing patient rosters or school registries to create and uphold relationships with their patient base.

This intuitive feature – complimented with existing patient engagement functionality embedded in the smart scheduling tool – allows providers to engage with their populations directly through e-mail, SMS or phone call.

Providers can also provide their patients and consumers access to appointments or results through secure one-time tokens. Our token-based functionality provides gated access to protected appointment slots, supporting equity-based booking of appointments. Moreover, tokens can be shared between health units and trusted community partners to provide access to appointments for vulnerable and hard to reach populations.

Improved Administrator Self-Serve Functionality

We’ve incorporated client feedback and have spent time refining the administrator experience of the Smart Scheduling solution. We’re now able to empower administrators with self-serve features that enable rapid addition (or removal) of appointment types and related exposure on the Digital Front Door, adding to the depth of tools that our partners have to continue to respond to emerging public health requirements.

Moreover, we’ve added key calendar integrations with iCal, Google Calendar & Outlook to allow the daily appointment volumes to be accessible in every day productivity tools.

September 28, 2021
Ellie Doroshenko
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