Virtual Emergency Departments
Improve Capacity, Patient Outcomes &
Reduce Costs

Many Emergency Departments (ED) are now offering virtual ED visits. In order to reduce call volumes, patient wait times and administrative overhead, virtual ED’s are enabling online appointment booking and automating patient workflow. 

Enable online appointment booking, scheduling changes & cancellations, reminders and dashboard patient workflow. 


Digital Patient

Patient Online Appointment Booking

SMS / Email Reminders

Virtual ED Dashboard of Scheduled Patients

Automatic Video Conferencing Links


Virtual ED Digital Patient

Digital patient pre-screening ensures that only patients eligible for a virtual ED appointment can book one. 

Virtual ED pre-screening enables hospitals or clinics to gather patient health information seamlessly, capture global consent, and/or direct patients to a physical ED if appropriate.

All content and workflows are configurable to fit your needs


Virtual ED Patient Online Appointment Booking

 Enable patients to book, cancel and reschedule Virtual ED appointments online.

Once an appointment is confirmed, patients are automatically notified via SMS or email, along with important instructions on how to prepare for their visit. Patients can easily reschedule or cancel appointments online at their convenience. 

All content and workflows are configurable to fit your needs


Virtual ED SMS / Email Reminders

Automatic appointment reminders help patients understand what to expect during their appointment, and how to prepare for their Virtual ED visit.

All content and workflows are configurable to fit your needs


Virtual ED Dashboard of Scheduled Patients

Verto’s kanban dashboard of scheduled patients gives your Virtual ED team complete visibility of where patients are within their treatment pathway steps while providing valuable insights for operational improvement.

Patient can automatically move along the Virtual ED pathway based on different triggers. Those triggers can notify staff and help proactively manage exceptions.

All content and workflows are configurable to fit your need

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Virtual ED Operational & Government Reporting

Highlight no-shows and other key metrics in a visual format and provide government compliant reporting with the push of a button.

All content and workflows are configurable to fit your needs


Automatically Generate Virtual ED Video Conferencing Links

Seamlessly integrate video conferencing into your clinical workflows. Automatically generate video conferencing links for your virtual ED appointments.

Verto’s Digital Twin Platform is configurable to your requirements and allows you to put your unique patient and clinical workflow first.

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