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Patient communication is often delivered manually, creating administrative overhead while introducing opportunities for error. Patients sometimes lack basic awareness of new protocols or changes to their care plans.

Healthcare providers want connected & collaborative relationships with patients and their caregivers. Verto’s Patient Engagement Hub helps build patient knowledge which increases patient safety, encouraging patients to own their own care, while driving down manual communication and administration costs. 

The Problem

Patients today lack a consistent end-to-end experience as they move throughout their healthcare journey. Most patient communication is delivered and coordinated manually by staff or clinicians, creating administrative overhead and introducing the opportunity for error.

As a result, patients often lack basic awareness of new protocols, changes to their care plans and important information from their clinics and providers.

The Solution

Hospitals and medical centers are seeking a connected, continuous and consistent relationship with their patients.

Verto’s Digital Twin Patient Engagement Hub improves the overall patient experience, enabling personalized, contextual engagement with consumers across the entire care continuum.

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