COVID-19 Testing & Assessment Centers: Eliminate the Challenge of Overworked Staff and Frustrated Patients

By Jim Barnet, Verto Health | November 03, 2020

We’ve all seen the long line ups for COVID-19 testing and heard the complaints about slow test results, or dealt with the frustration of waiting on hold trying and trying to find a testing centre with any open appointments at all. The staff in the Testing & Assessment Centres are also frustrated and overworked. They’re trying their best, but many don’t have the right tools to optimize Testing & Assessment Centre appointment booking and the patient experience. Their phone systems, call centers and admins are overwhelmed with patients trying to get through for tests,  while still trying to do all the ‘normal jobs’ they had before the pandemic.

COVID-19 Testing & Assessment Centres across the country have had to create processes, workflows and protocols for patients and staff that ensure safety for everyone. Additionally, requirements have been changing constantly, with new mandatory government reporting and directives dictating who can get tested and how and when testing should happen.

Many testing centres have added significant administrative resources to address these issues, and are still overwhelmed with demand, and significant time is being consumed by skilled resources performing non-value added admin tasks and follow-up. What these care providers truly need is a quick and easy to implement solution that will not only simplify and automate online patient appointment booking and pre-screening, but will also manage safe patient population flow and staff utilization.

Verto Health’s solution can automate appointment, booking, pre-screening and provide testing centres with a visualization of patient flow Dashboard. Unity Health Network and Thames Valley Family Health Team Testing & Assessment Centres were  both able to put in a phase one solution including COVID-19 Appointment Booking, Pre-Screening and Testing & Assesment Centre Capacity Optimization in as little as 48 hours.

Verto’s solution allows patients to book an appointment, change or cancel appointments, pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and optimizes the assessment centre workflow and reporting. It’s flexible. It’s configurable. It helps assessment centres streamline processes, allocate resources efficiently, and focus on patient care.


 Here are a few highlights of what this unique offering can do

• Digital patient COVID-19 pre-screening and self-assessment is done through an online questionnaire, providing patients with the ability to easily complete a self-assessment prior to making an appointment. Tiered priority pre-screening is also supported. If the patient has a symptomatic pre-screening result, they are taken to a link to book an appointment, while a non-symptomatic result lets them know they’re not eligible for testing. 

• COVID-19 testing & assessment centre online patient appointment booking and self-scheduling takes the patient seamlessly through the appointment booking process, via a widget on your website, clearly showing available dates and times. This is a completely configurable interface, tailored to each customer’s requirements.

• Our solution is extremely easy to use and intuitive for patients, enabling them to complete online forms and any other required information prior to their appointment. When they arrive for their appointment, they can notify the testing & assessment centre through text or email, and then receive an estimated wait-time with an option to wait in their car, or in the testing & assessment centre.

• Management of patients while they are in the testing & assessment centre is done through digital patient arrival confirmations, as well as a Kanban dashboard of patients as they proceed through their testing workflow. The dashboard is configurable to each assessment centre’s needs, providing facilities with a bird’s eye view into important information including the number of active patients, testing status and room cleaning status. This allows staff to make real-time decisions and allocate resources to maximize patient testing throughput.

• In addition to information for the testing & assessment centre, patient communication is key. Verto Health’s solution allows the additional option of SMS / text message and email appointment reminders, rescheduling and cancelation, as well as patient engagement and education through information such as of what to bring on the day of the appointment and safety protocols.

At Verto we’re passionate about creating solutions that support better patient experiences and outcomes and improve the well-being of care teams. We provide fast and easy to implement, intuitive, accessible solutions that clients want to use, and COVID-19 testing & assessment centres are no exception. We also know each hospital, healthcare system and community care organization is unique, with specific requirements. Our solutions are adaptable so we can help meet those requirements.

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Eliminate the challenges of overworked staff and frustrated patients

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