5 Critical Obstacles to Managing Vaccination Appointment Booking & Rescheduling Effectively

By Verto Health | January 18, 2021

Background and Problem Statement

Scheduling and managing COVID-19 vaccination appointments presents multiple challenges. Determining who is eligible, managing bulk cancellations and rescheduling due to delays or changes in vaccine supply, coordinating 2nd shot boosters, reminders and tracking no-shows. Coordinating internal resources and the constant changes in vaccination appointments is a monumental task for administrative staff already stretched to the breaking point. Add the ever-changing government guidelines as our understanding of COVID-19 vaccination effectiveness evolves and the prospect of managing this manually quickly becomes overwhelming.

EMR’s and other legacy systems have limited functionality in these areas and take too long to roll out (months) for healthcare organizations who only receive a few day’s notice that vaccines will be arriving. Legacy systems do not have the functionality or the user friendliness required to support this kind of public facing dynamic transaction volume. Supply chain systems are being deployed to support the vaccination roll-out, but the “last mile” of the scheduling and interaction with the people receiving the vaccinations is currently a significant gap. And of course all this needs to be addressed in a HIPAA, PHIPA and privacy compliant context.

Solution Summary

Verto provides a SaaS vaccination online appointment booking and workflow automation solution that allows eligible people to book vaccination appointments online, cancel or reschedule (including bulk cancellations and rescheduling based on vaccination supply delays), auto schedule boosters and receive reminders. Vaccination Clinics can Dashboard vaccination workflows and see the number of no-shows, total vaccinations and easily output government compliant reporting.

This allows healthcare organizations to significantly reduce in-coming call volumes, patient wait times and administrative burden, allowing them to reduce the number of call center and administrative staff required to manage vaccination booking, or allow high value clinical staff to be redeployed to more valuable healthcare related tasks.

Key Features

• Automatic booking of second shot appointments based on vaccine type
• Online rescheduling and cancellations (including bulk rescheduling)
• Link vaccine inventory with number of daily appointments
• Automated appointment email & text reminders
• Easily track and reschedule no-shows
• Dashboard vaccination patient flow to maximize throughput & capacity
• Canned Government format reporting

Deployment Model and Time Frames

The Verto SaaS Solution can be rolled out in less than one week, easily handles hundreds of thousands of daily transactions, supports other COVID related workflows (Testing & Serology) and interfaces easily with vaccination supply chain or legacy healthcare systems.

This makes it fast and easy to deploy with a minimum investment up front and no large budget commitment, with a 30-day opt out clause (no long term commitment), to provide the opportunity for healthcare organizations to solve this problem quickly.

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