5 Key Capabilities Confirmed by Verto Vaccination Platform Customers

Jim Barnet, Verto Health | February 22, 2021

The Verto vaccination optimization platform is now live in over 30% of Ontario’s initial vaccine distribution centers. Vaccination Clinic customers have highlighted 5 core value adds that Verto’s solution provides to frontline clinicians and patients alike.

1. Automated Appointment Confirmations & Reduced Cancellations: The Verto Vaccination Optimization Platform has reduced manual and administrative calling burden for our clients by as much as 80%, and decreased appointment cancellations by over 5% by streamlining patient outreach through automated channels, including SMS and e-mail appointment confirmation and reminders. 

2. Coordination with Primary Care and Community Care Clinicians: Effective rollout of precious vaccine doses requires coordination across the care continuum – most pressingly, the involvement of primary and community care clinicians. The Verto Platform can delegate any desired number of booking appointments to trusted clinicians in the community, without requiring lengthy coordination calls. This workflow improvement reduces the administrative effort per long-term care home or nursing home site while ensuring timely and judicious distribution of vaccine doses.

3. Dashboard Provides Real-Time Insight into Clinical Operations: The Verto Vaccination Optimization Platform provides real-time insight into clinical operations through its easy-to-use Kanban dashboard. Kanban visibility provides holistic insight into all patients visiting the vaccine clinic on any given day. Our clients have found that the use of Verto’s intuitive Platform for vaccine rollout has removed up to 2 minutes of documentation effort per dose administered.

4. Full Data Integration into Provincial Systems: Verto’s Vaccination Optimization Platform currently supports full data integration into Ontario’s COVAX system. Our technology is flexible enough to accommodate emergent reporting needs as criteria change; new data fields can be added within 24 hours to ensure your vaccination site is in full compliance with local, regional and provincial vaccination requirements at all times.

5. Reduce Unnecessary In-Person Interaction: Vaccination clinics will continue to serve high volumes of patients to ensure timely access to vaccine doses as they become available. To both minimize unnecessary in-person interaction between patient and administrative staff, the Verto Vaccination Optimization Platform can send personalized pre-visit information, including site details, parking logistics and consent forms to vaccine recipients. Sending these customized materials upfront empowers the patient with confidence in their care while streamlining clinical operations at your clinic. 

Verto’s Vaccination Optimization Platform can be quickly and easily deployed to your site in a matter of days, and can support hundreds of thousands of vaccination-related transactions daily.

London Health Sciences, Unity Health and Region of Waterloo recently presented at our recent Vaccination Optimization Platform recorded webinar, click here to view.  

Please contact [email protected] for more information or a live demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you.

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