3 Things That Keep Vaccination Clinic Administrators Awake at Night

By Jim Barnet, Verto Health | February 11, 2021

Verto works with Vaccination Clinics across North America that are currently delivering tens of thousands of vaccinations, and are in the process of planning to deliver hundreds of thousands of vaccinations and three things keep them up at night.

1. How do you bulk reschedule 25,000 patients?

Many vaccination clinics have already been struggling with rescheduling thousands of vaccination appointments due to vaccine supply volatility. One vaccination clinic required 5 people working 4 days straight to ethically re-prioritize and reschedule 3,500 appointments as a result of a 3 day delay in their vaccination supply.

But what happens when you have to reschedule 25,000 patients due to vaccine supply changes? How many admin’s or call center staff would be required and how many hours would it take? If you optimistically said the average appointment reschedule takes 2 minutes, for 25,000 patients that’s 104 eight hour days to reschedule those appointments. Yikes, hard to imagine how that would scale.

And to make things even more challenging, you have to be able to reschedule based on multiple criteria:

a) Sub-demographic Prioritization: You have to be able to filter your patients by sub-demographic prioritization (Example – 75 years old, two or more comorbidities, living in a specific geographic region)

b) First or Second Shot: You have to be able to just reschedule that group and leave the other appointments untouched, and in the context of whether it’s their first or second shot

c) Effective Time Window: If it’s a second shot you have to reschedule it within a fixed time window

2. Managing local Vaccination Clinic unique booking slot configurations, but leverage a central booking site

Patients want one landing page to go to in order to book their vaccinations. It’s a poor user experience to send them on an Easter egg hunt to find a local vaccination clinics that service their area. But, different vaccination clinics are going to have different capacities and staff configurations, so you must be able to provide clinic specific booking slot configurations, and be able to change those booking slot configurations on the fly as patient traffic and vaccine supply dictates. This was hard to do with thousands of patients, it’s going to be significantly harder to manage with tens of thousands of patients. Many clinics also want to have unique pre-screening and pre-registration forms at the local clinic level, but still be able to roll-up Dashboards and reporting across the clinics. Again, many clinic managers are questioning how to manage that manually.

3. Managing global consent and personalized communications

Once they open up vaccinations to more sub-demographics, it’s likely that there will be different instructions or guidelines for each of those sub-demographics. For example, vaccination preparation instructions, patient education, or follow-up information may be different for a 75+ year old patient vs. for a parent accompanying a child.

And with vaccination supply chain volatility being what it is, you may need to communicate and update information with those patients two or three times during their vaccination process.

Being able to easily target specific subsets of your vaccination population with specific personalized communications will be critical to setting and resetting patient expectations accurately in order to minimize bottlenecks during the intake process by ensuring patients show up properly prepared.

And finally, all of this information needs to be managed securely according to HIPAA and PHIPA guidelines and be able to scale to address the needs of hundreds of thousands of patients.

If you and your vaccination clinic team members are also losing sleep over these same questions, the good news is that other vaccination clinics have already solved these problems.

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